Marriage License Handbook

Why a Marriage License Handbook?

“Ignorance is bliss,” some say, but the full true saying is, “Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise.” In making the life commitment of a marriage, ignorance is folly.

Over my 43 years as a lawyer and mediator for divorces—now called “dissolution of marriage” in California—I found most of my clients had not understood the financial consequences of marriage before they stood before their pastor, priest, rabbi, or judge. Intelligent, educated people thought that everything they owned immediately became community property upon marriage. They had no idea they could have written financial agreements not only before marriage, but during the marriage.

I created this handbook of the Rules for Marriage and fashioned it like the DMV’s Rules of the Road so it would be a quick and easy reference to the small details everyone should know before they say, “I do.”

“Judith has put knowledge of her life’s work into this easy-to-absorb book and we’re all better for it. This book sets a marriage up for success!”
– Sean Danson

“I like the idea of this handbook. I don’t know if you told me first or I read it that your book was a prep guide for a marriage license test, but your examples of easier tests, it seems less of a book to prep you for a test than a handbook on marriage for anyone to read. Even for someone who has no interest in the subject, I can see myself flipping through this little book. I say little because handbooks should fit in your palm. Anything bigger becomes something to hurl at the spouse.”
– Rich Morales